free facials

in October!!!

our services help tons of Bay Area people

heal their broken potential

for finding escape, security or shelter

IN OAKLAND, this October 23, 25, and 28, from 11am to 2pm, come visit Desperate Holdings Real Estate & LandMind Spa for a FREE facial!

To book your facial, please email:

Come for a visit and get a one-and-only Luxury Real Estate Facial FOR FREE (if you are one of the first 12 people to sign up!).


By wearing the clay, which came 150 feet below the Salesforce Tower (which contains land value beyond money and outside of ownership), you will absorb the ancient organic awareness that the housing market is not the best way of determining who gets to have a home and who will die on the street. 9/10 recipients say that getting a ‘local’ facial using this clay helps one face the necessity to develop new personal and collective practices for survival, cooperation and co-housing.

You will leave feeling fresh, but also dirty, because you live on land. You may absorb what land is, and that the land you live with is not some dead commodity-- it has been tended by the Ohlone people for millennia.

“I wasn’t really ever comfortable with putting the clay on my face or body and I never had an articulate reason why, just the thought of it kind of freaked me out, even after getting the tests back that said that it didn’t have any scary materials in it. I can’t say whether this fear or avoidance stemmed from some deep sense of intuition, or having to do with the history of the clay itself, not wanting to absorb some sort of toxic metals into my body, but mostly it feels like it had to do with a general fear of literally smearing the unknown all over my face. So, of course I did just that. I still didn’t feel entirely comfortable with it afterwards, almost like it haunted me. It definitely dried my skin out in the moment, but also made it feel really smooth and clean.”

– Tara Spalty

The services below were offered between April 5 and May 11, 2019 while our pop-up Real Estate office was located at Dream Farm Commons in Downtown Oakland. These services were provided as a way to help people transform human relationships to property, rent, land, and home-- because we have to.


The real estate agents offering these services include "Humans Have Predators", Sarah Rowe, Ann Schnake, Tara Spalty, Cassie Thornton, Lindsay Tunkl, and Danielle Wright.


Though these services are no longer available, if you have questions or would like to be a part of the next pop-up,

please email


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